Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are finally back at it and going up the East Coast!!!

Amazing!!! We left Savannah drove about 10 miles and all of a sudden there are about twelve motorcycles waiting to escort us into Walterboro South Carolina. Alan Duke President of the Red Knights motorcycle club along with Gary, TM's, Mike from Full Throttle Magazine and many others took care of us for the two days we where there. It is exactly how I imagined it would be on this trip. We visited Hospitals, Malls, Schools, Restaurants and many other locations in charleston and the surrounding towns. I want to thank all the Fire Chiefs from towns like Walterboro, Summerville, Ashley River, North Charleston, Old Fort, Charleston and a few others that I can't remember right now. We are creating so much awareness with this truck, all we have to do now is just drive up, park, put our gear on and just sit back and let all these wonderful ladies sign the truck and share their stories with us. We are running out of room but we have a few ideas for more signing areas. We have thousands of signatures on the truck and now that we have Jasper our faithful black Lab Puppy dressed in pink, we really don't need to do anything anymore. This truck is telling a great story and I hope all the leaders out there especially the men, see the importance of celebrating this truck and the Cares Enough to Wear Pink Campaign. It supports all women who are healthy and the ones who are survivors and most importantly it is carrying names of so many women who have passed due to this disease. As we are driving this truck across the country there are departments that are starting there own Cares Enough to Wear Pink Campaigns, eventually they will be donating money to organizations all over the US. Please understand that we want all these organizations to raise money and give it to their women of their communities, we only want to help generate the passion behind the idea by driving this truck and meeting all these great people. Steve, Wally, Chris and myself are Honored to be doing this and we thank everyone who has helped us get this far.

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mom said...

Every day I get home from work and run to the computer to make sure everything is going good for ya'll. I get tears in my eyes everytime I read about the journey. Awesome, simply awesome!
Stay safe!!!!