Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maricopa Metals getting recognition for the Ribbon

Patrica and Gary Heidemann getting interviewed by channel 5 news today. What a great company to have so many people that want to be a part of this. Johnny Salmeron and Leo Balcazar who built the ribbon on their off time are the two guys on the right. Here is a list of other companies that have taken part in this great event.

A Sure Fleet (mobile service and repair)
3802 E. Illini Phoenix Az 85040
(supplied Stainless Steel Plate)
Sales Rep. Gregory Fasnacht

(Cutting Stainless Steel Ribbon Pieces)
(Title Unknown) Gary Watkins
(you may also have other persons for MarZee)

Custom Finishing, Inc.
(painted the smaller ribbon)
Owner Robert de la Vega Sr.

D AND K Sandblasting & Painting
(sandblast and painting trailer)
Owners Dan & Kim Hemesath

Phoenix Metal Finishing and Polishing
(Ribbon Finishing)
Owner N. Moshi "Moses"
Owner Alex Toma

Bert's Paint
(supply Pink paint and primer for trailer)
Outside Sales Donny _______
Inside Sales Brian ________

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Creating a team for success (Key)

Comedian Jeffrey Maxwell, and "shorty" plus my beautiful Fiance' Lisa Stevens are really getting this event going. Putting a successful team together is the most important thing to me and our whole objective is to make a difference in a big way!!!!

I want to also thank Monica Morales and a good friend of mine Andrea for making the night go that much better. Cathe Steward brought the police vehicle, which showed all around support from our Public Safety. Hats off to Ron Helvig the manager of Starbucks for allowing us to have the party and he really loved his custom pink Bat from Louisville Slugger.

Ribbon Making Party a Success!!!!!!

We are very humbled and totally excited about the support we are getting in the community. We had about 100 people show up and make ribbons and buy t-shirts We where also really happy that the breast cancer survivors signed the trailer. This trailer is theirs and it will be a reminder of how many people are affected by this illness and the hope that we are giving them on this journey. It was nice to see all the firefighters from the city of Glendale show up on their off time, also it was good to see my engine from fire station 156.

The beautiful woman signing the trailer is Carol who signed it twice due to the fact she has had two episodes with breast cancer. Carol is an inspiration to all of us who are doing the best we can to provide hope and encouragement for the days to come, thanks Carol.

Up Coming Pink Ribbon Tour Events

Starbucks: Pink Ribbon Making Party > April 29th, Tuesday 6:30-9pm (67ave just north of the 101 freeway.

Valley Classical Christian School: Pink Ribbon Tour shirt sale> May 2nd (5-7pm)
6225 N. Central Ave, Phoenix Az
"Bobbi's Breast Friends" Rhino Poker Run--May 10 3:00 pm
8913 W Patrick lane, Peoria Az 85383

Tempe Center for the Arts: Pink Ribbon Comedy Jam: June 21st showtimes
7 and 9pm National and local comedians for a night
of fun and laughter. 700 W Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My first big donation

Tom Roberts of Opus West Corporation gave us a nice donation the other day. Tom was my first sponsor on my last charity event and it is good to know that I have him supporting me on this event. Janice is Tom's personal assistant and she to has supported me on all my events and has become a good friend. Thanks Tom and Janice for your support, Dave

Pink Ribbon tour teams up with comedy for cancer

I want everybody to know that there are comedians in Phoenix that have agreed to travel with us throughout the tour, They are willing to perform for the cause. These guys are great!!! and very selfless and they want to make a difference for this event. The reason this is so beneficial to the event is that instead of us standing around in 0ur pink fire gear next to the pink fire truck asking for money, we can now perform for people in each city and not only drive awareness for the fight against breast cancer but also raise money for costs and money to donate at the end of the event. They really rock!!!!!

Jeffrey Maxwell and Jimmy Earll are the two comics, they will be in touch with comics across America while we are on our journey. They will ask other performers in each city to help put on a show for the women and a few men who have breast cancer and whoever else wants to be apart of something very special. Please understand that these guys are going above and beyond what has been asked and they are true heroes for this event.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Help from a special person

Where would I be if I didn't have somebody close to me helping me out with all the logistics and paper work, phone calls, meetings and somebody to lean on when things are a little down. Lisa my fiance' is all of that and I can't thank her enough for all she is doing for this event. We did a photo shoot with the ribbon and she took the pictues and I finally got her to pose with the ribbon. I think she is more beautiful than the ribbon but the two of them together is perfect.

The statue of the Ribbon is done and Awesome!!!!

The Statue is way better then I ever imagined it to be and what a sight when going down the road behind my truck. I am having breast cancer survivors sign the trailer and even though we only have three signatures, I am sure that will change once we get this thing started. Maricopa Metals and Johnny Salmeron and Leo Balcazar did a wonderful job building the ribbon and once we are done with the event I am sure somebody is going to pay a lot of money for it to be put in front of their building. I call the statue "Our Ribbon of Hope" and even wrote a message for the statue so we can put it on a plaque.

“Our Ribbon of Hope”

“This ribbon was built in honor of all the people who battle cancer and the families who tirelessly work to make their lives better. A timeless statue to remind our future generations that people who are not affected by an illness can come together for those that are.”

Dave Graybill

Time to find a fire truck

Just found out that the truck that I thought we where going to get is to old for the long journey. I will have to go out and raise some money to buy a used truck or find one that can be donated for the cause. Please, if you know of a truck that can help us get this event accomplished let me know. I have found the perfect truck in Pennsylvania and can't wait to get the money to buy it. They are asking $19,000 but I think they will cut me a break due to the fact this event is so awesome!!!!!

I just got back from my sons baseball practice and I had all his friends in pink shirts posing with the statue of the ribbon.