Friday, September 5, 2008

Beaumont to the East Coast

The City of Beaumont, Chief Ann Huff, and Captain Brad Pennison made us feel very welcomed when we arrived, they are the first city to escort us with lights and sirens on the freeway and through town. They made lunch, set up a press conference and gave us two nights lodging for free. I have been asking that each city we visit give me something to add to the truck, so that when I get home this truck will be perfect and full of love. Beaumont Fire gave us a horn, a monitor and another light bar, what a great show of support.
We just got a message to not come to Jacksonville due to all the storms that are going to hit that part of the country, we will divert North and end up in Vicksburg Mississippi today, we will build support everywhere we go and make a huge impact on the firefighters, police, City leaders, and the citizens of each community. We are getting so many people more aware and in pink for or women and a few men with this disease. Thank you so much for the nice remarks on the web-site, we are making a difference. I will add pictures of Beaumont later today or tomorrow, thought I lost my camera, but honey I found it. lol


inpink said...

Safe travels boys! Make sure to let us know when Mississippi puts on their "cares enough to wear pink" gear!
Go Guardians! Whoahoo!

L8ENPINK said...

Continuing to Pray for your safety as you travel this great nation. Thanks for spreading awareness and getting people to wear PINK!!! Keep up the great work...your dedication will forever be appreciated!!! :)

missing az said...
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pinklady said...

Keep safe in your travels. Your dedication means more than you can imagine. Friends and family across the country are anticipating your arrival in their cities. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to updates and your safe return to Arizona

missing az said...

Hi Dave,
I had the pleasure conversing with a friend this afternoon, discussing your heroic campaign across America. Millie Corbett Kennedy comes from a long line of NYC firefighters, her grandfather, uncles and father. So, when she heard about the pink fire truck theme crossing America it really inspired and truly touched her personally. All her life she has known men like YOU who unselfishly put their lives on the line to help others in the face of true disaster, with NO thought of consequence to your own well being & safety! This is the message your campaign states, is that you are out there saving lives again by bringing the message of awareness of breast cancer. Almost all of us know or have known someone who will or has faced this devastating battle. Millie and among many other women if not all, are TRULY TOUCHED & FEEL THAT OUR FIREFIGHTERS ARE AGAIN RIGHT THERE READY TO RUSH IN AND RESCUE TO SAVE LIVES! Dave you are OUR HERO! We LOVE YOU! Thank-you and we patiently await your visit to NYC! Be safe!