Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We only travel as far as our shirt sales allow us, Please buy a shirt!

Our shirt sales from our web-site generates most of the money needed to get the trucks from one location to the next, this gives us the ability to bring the trucks to your City, so that you can use the Love from them to share it with your community for free. What ever fundraising money you garner from our movement you get to keep for your own non-profits or families that are battling cancer. If you feel that you want to make us a donation we would appreciate it more than you know, but please understand that is not why we are doing this. The shirt sales also give us the ability to go where ever we want, even if that means making a 200 mile detour to see one lady battling cancer for a surprise visit. It gives us the ability to make small videos like the one we made for Molly in Long meadow MA.
Pink Heals Apparel will be our clothing line for the future, our non-profit controls this clothing line and the money from the sale of these clothes will always be used for our non-profit and directed to other non-profits that help women battling cancer. We hope someday these clothes and other accessories will provide us enough income that we can also make monetary donations to non-profits and to families in need of some financial support.
Remember always associate our Pink Heals logo with the fire and police, as we grow there will be people out there trying to copy the many different ideas, styles and logos we create. Pink Heals!

Fire departments and states that have adopted our movement!

We would like to thank these States and it's fire fighters and community leaders;
Texas....Florida....Missouri....Oklahoma....Rhode Island....South Carolina....
They have adopted our program to wear pink to support all their women and help them with their battle against all cancer.
States that are currently in process to adopt:

Alabama, Washington, New Hampshire, North Carolina and more to come. We are also hoping that at this years IAFF Convention they adopt this movement Nationally. We are also going to ask the International Association of Fire Chiefs to adopt it as well.

Why this program is perfect for our teacher's and teacher Unions!

Everybody in this Country realizes that we need a better education system, we realize that we need to pay our teachers better salaries. We recognize that most of us had a special person in our lives that helped shape us into the people that we are by a teacher or a coach.

This program is perfect for our Teachers, Why? They stand in front of our future leaders, our children and guide them forward trying to make them better people. By adopting our program they stand in front of the class wearing pink in honor of their mother, sister, grandmother or any other special women in their lives, letting them know they care about the women of their communities and their fight against cancer. Each school could hold a fundraiser by selling their shirts and direct the money to a charity close to home. Your schools Superintendent should allow each schools Principal to decide where the money should go, that way we share the Labor from our efforts with many non-profits or families battling this disease.

Why our Politicians should support this movement!

The fire Chief of Memphis, The Mayor of Kansas City, Director of Homeland Security and former Governor of AZ, Janet Napolitano and Senator Lisa Baker of Pennsylvania. Just a few of hundreds that support our program.

Our Politicians are elected into office by the vote of the people, they are put there to lead us forward, they are doing their work not for personal gain, but to serve their communities selflessly.

This movement is perfect for our leaders to support, it is one that has to be supported by elected officials. Why? By adopting our program in their community, they show their leadership skills, selflessness and compassion. It doesn't align them with one specific charity, or sponsor. It basically aligns them with all the women of their communities, their fire and police organizations (Our Countries first line of Defense) and every man out their that puts their women first in her battle for life. We give this program to all of them to adopt for free so that anything that might come from a rally of support like a gesture of Love or even some money raised by a fund raiser stays in their community, Perfect!

Please e-mail us and get a press kit, send this out to all your Politicians and tell them you want them to get involved in our movement to celebrate the women of your communities. Pink Heals!

We're just drivers, carrying powerful messages!

We are just men that are giving up some time from our daily lives, a few women that realize how important this movement is to inspire communities to rally support for those that have been affected by cancer!

The real heroes, celebrities and angels are the thousands of names that have been written on the pink fire trucks. We carry their pain and suffering due to cancer, we share their tears of sorrow and joy, either from a loss or a kick ass victory over this disease. This is not just about women, there are men on this truck who've suffered cancer, their women wanted to share their stories of sacrafice as well, there are little boys and girls, like Molly and Chance who are battling brain cancer. This is not just about survivors, it's about Love and hope and that even though people have lost their lives due to cancer, we allow their memory to live on and their story of sacrafice to be shared. Pink Heals!

Organizations that are perfect for this program!

Tax based organizations, Politicians, Military, Teachers, Labor Unions, Motorcycle groups, Professional Sports Teams and any other group that might be made up of men's men.

Why?....This is not about her being sick, this is about recognizing how important she is to us and our communities and that as men we should put her above all else in her battle for life! Guardians of the Ribbon Inc. has picked all Cancer to wage war against on her behalf. Women represent more than 50% of the Population and a large percentage of the vote in this Country. Beyond that, men where put here to protect her at all costs, that is why at the very least we are hoping that these organizations will join us in celebrating her for three days by wearing her color, Pink! These days will be the 25th, 26th and 27th of October, although that is Breast cancer awareness Month and we support all charities that raise money for the fight against cancer, this is not just about Breast Cancer! This is the fastest growing movement in the Country because it is selfless in nature and it's not about the money! If money is raised from this movement please direct it to charities and families close to home. Pink Heals!

Look up, open your eyes, see who's wearing your color on these three days and support them accordingly, this is not about a charity, this is not about a business, this is about who you are in our lives and what we are willing to do to show your loved and supported in your fight for life!

Creating an army of support for our women!

We are wearing pink to honor all women, we march on her behalf against the disease cancer, it made sense to align ourselves with our Countries first line of defense, the Public Safety!
We are at war against Cancer, we believe that cancer is a terrorist, it has invaded our bodies so we fight against this disease for the most important people in our lives, Women!
The symbol you see above will eventually be the universal sign of Love and Hope for all women.
Where ever you see this symbol just know that person or organization puts women first in the battle for life. This is a selfless movement, we are not doing this because it has hit close to home, we are doing this because we are sick of this disease and we are tired of watching people suffer.