Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Pictures to help tell the story

We started displaying the State flag of each city we are in and when we got to Charleston they asked us if we would please display the Charleston Nine flag in honor of the nine fire fighters who lost their lives in a fire about eighteen months ago. In my previous blog I mentioned Alan Duke who is here with me in front of the truck, he was a true hero for these towns as they got a great look at this truck, we will come back to this part of the country, largely because of him and his crew, thanks guys. We are getting people of all ages along this journey, especially the little ones and thanks to Jasper they are getting lots of play time.


inpink said...

Thanks for all the new pictures and news! The new blogs make me feel like I am there. The truck has a very strong heartbeat with lots of love for all.

Allen said...

Dave, Just wanted to say it was a honor and pleasure to join you guys for the three days you were here in South Carolina. I hope that you can continue to generate more and more support for the women in our lives. I look forward to working with you in future tours and pledge bigger and better things next time you come to South Carolina. Red Knights SC 3 stand ready to help any way we can. You guys stay safe and God be with you every step of the way. Allen