Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ashland Ohio, another stop by the pink fire truck

We met a wonderful women at our last event who was so moved by the truck, we decided to drive the 70 miles to her town and visit her mom who is a survivor of breast cancer. Susan Dambro not only let her mom sign the truck but we also put her in the Captains position and all her kids on the back, to take a ride through town. We also took the truck to her 13 year old daughters soccer game to cheer her on and of course the ladies that were there, who have all fought breast cancer, came over to sign the truck as well. Rita, it was an honor to meet you, you're such an inspiration to all of us, thanks for being a part of our lives.


Susan said...

Dave, Steve, Wally and Chris you have made such an impact on our lives. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to increase awareness for such a special cause. Be safe and remember no matter where you are you will always be in our hearts.
The Crazy Rednead =)

Rita said...

My special PINK fireman and Jasper,
words can not say what your visit to Ashland ment to me. Going so far out of your way, just because a crazy Redheads mother was upset because she could not see you the day befor.(who is crazy here?) You touched my heart in a very special way today. I feel like, that my family grew today. Four caring, wonderful man and a little black puppy joined our clan. Welcome to the Martin's.
From today on you will have a special place in my heart and in
my daily prayers.
We will see you next time around, with a German home cooked meal waiting for you.

Belinda said...

Dave, Steve, Wally and Chris Thank you for all you have done. Thanks to you there is hope that even though every women in my family has fought the battle with Breast Cancer my daughter will not have to.

Thanks for bringing inspiration to all of those fighting the fight on the front lines.

Cameo's Mommy
(The Crazy Redheads Sister)