Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting into Houston

We arrived in Houston with a Motorcycle escort and had some fun with some survivors letting them get on the fire trucks and doing a few pics. Jeff Mccarroll, Shane Shiflett and our newest driver that we just picked up in Dallas Evan Littlejohn, who's not so little. We could not do this if it wasn't for all these great guys and gals and their selfless dedication to this project. Thank You from Lisa and I for helping get these trucks across the Country.

Tyler TX has set the bar real high!!!!

Tyler TX was a huge success thanks to Steve Countryman for setting this all up and for helping get Texas as our first State to adopt our program. Their City has come together in a big way because of the loss of a special lady "Tonya" she was a wife of a firefighter there in Tyler, Wes Malcolm. Tyler donated a fire truck in honor of Tonya, we are to go home with her and paint her pink and take her across the Country and tell her story. They had a few thousand people out at the event and the whole City will be in pink next year. Cities and Towns across the Country need to follow their lead and make a difference for their women who are battling cancer, the simple act of wearing a pink shirt collectively to show our love, is a great start!!!!

Memphis was a Great Stop!!!!!!

Where would we be if it wasn't for Lisa, she has been there for us on the road and at home handling all the paper work and shirt sales. But most importantly she truly LOVES me, I have found a person that I can share my life with that believes in what I'm doing and has a heart as big as mine. This is a picture of her with the Director of the Memphis Fire Department, we don't get to see her all the time because she usually is behind the scenes, please give her a shout out!!!!!
Memphis Fire Department with it's leaders has a great opportunity to make this program a huge success in their community, their women will feel the needed love by the selfless act of wearing pink shirts to show support in their fight against cancer. Thanks Chief John Pillsbury for what you did and T.A for taking such good care of us!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bartlett Fire Department really stepped up!!!

Bartlett Fire Department made quite a statement to their community with these pink fire trucks. Each Community does something a little different and Bartlett Fire was the first to tour the trucks throughout their community to the Schools. We have an important message to share and why not to our children. We are asking all schools to adopt our Cares Enough to Wear Pink program and have all teachers in pink what a statement this is for our children to see all of us in pink honoring our women and helping them in their fight against cancer.
The Hindu Temple and the Hindu Religion is based around Love when they saw these trucks I think they realized what they mean and it is just purely "LOVE" money can't buy what we sell and that is love. These trucks with all these stories of sacrifice cannot be bought, either can this magnificent Temple. What a day we had and the people we meet on this tour will never be forgotten.

The Chicago area is really getting on board with this program!!!

Countryside Fire, Vernon Hills, Barlett Fire and many other suburbs of Chicago are going pink and using our program to raise money and create awareness for the fight against Cancer. Since we are the Fire and Police, since we are made up of mostly men, why shouldn't we march first for our women against this terrible disease. Thanks goes out to all the Departments that recognize this program is free to adopt and that each one of your Cities will see huge difference in the support each of your local charities will get for their fund raising needs. At the very least wearing pink shirts shows our women that we CARE and that we LOVE them. Dubois PA, a smaller community came out and showed their support for the Pink Fire Trucks and all the local Fire companies had their shirts on and even dressed their trucks in pink.
We could not do this program now that we are building an Army of Pink Fire Trucks if it wasn't for all the men and women that have donated weeks of their time away from their families to drive these trucks. Kevin Artz and Kevin Bathke did just that and we are very appreciative of their time, we also look for these two great people to be on the road next year.

Palmer MA, and East Hartford CT, AWESOME!!!

We made a stop to a women's home that is battling Cancer via a police and fire escort to tell her we love her and to let her sign the truck, we are spreading love and hope one person at a time.
East Hartford their Citizens and their Fire Department should be proud by the outpouring of support they showed these trucks, we will be back on future tours and hopefully they take our program and raise thousands of dollars for their charities in their communities.

Special People in Special places!!!!

I want to thank Renee and Bill Collins for taking such good care of us and the trucks and planning a few events in their community of Myrtle Beach and surrounding Cities. I also want to thank The Red Knights Motorcycle Clubs throughout the Country, especially the ones from Charleston and Allan Duke for having a heart the size of South Carolina. These clubs have been escorting us and protecting us as we make our way across the U.S.!!! The Charleston Air Force Base is the first U.S. installation to allow an outside event like ours, an awareness program in support of all women. They treated us with great respect and the military support will grow, I am sure other military bases will ask us to make appearances as well. The only way this will grow and make a difference in a huge way, is for all of us that have not experienced cancer directly to march against this disease collectively, why not start by wearing pink in support of all our women and their fight!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Palmer Mass to East Hartford Conneticut

Emotional day with two stops in two states to meet two courageous women. One visit was by escort to her home to tell her we love her and to let her sign the truck and the other was an escort to a fire station to honor one of their own who is currently battling cancer. East Hartford on short notice put together one great event! So many people to honor these pink fire trucks and to show their love to this beautiful women. What a day we had doing what we started out doing and that is providing love and hope to so many by bringing people together to battle this disease we call "CANCER". People that have not been affected directly by cancer, coming together for those that have, sending a strong message to this disease that we are sick and tired of watching our loved ones suffer. We are asking our community leaders and our Politicians to get out in pink as well, while we hear people talk about how they care, we need to show that we care by wearing her color, PINK! Then march on her behalf against Cancer as a selfless army of support! This selfless showing of support will bring so many people together for our women. Our program has now been adopted by more than 900 Cities across the Country in less then 2 years. I want to thank all the Politicians that came out to the event in East Hartford, your support is a sign that this can work on both sides of the Isle. A program that focuses first on supporting all women and then helping them with their fight against cancer by at the very least wearing pink.
Thank You!!!!!!