Friday, February 27, 2009

Parada Del Sol event in Scottsdale

We had a wonderful time in Scottsdale at the Parada Del Sol event, it is great that organizations like ours and the Tough Enough to Wear Pink organization can come together to help women all over the country. They asked us who we thought they could give some of the money raised from the rodeo and we thought the Wellness Community Arizona was a good choice at this time. Like we have said, we support all organizations that support women who are going through cancer.

You can visit the Wellness Community web-site at

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Singleton Mom's WOW!!!!!! What an Organization

We were invited to the 5k walk at Freestone park by Singleton Mom's. We couldn't have been more impressed by the overall love and support by everybody participating in the event. They are a first class organization and anyone associated with them are in very caring and good hands. We hope to be involved with them on future events that help families that have been affected by cancer.

We have been traveling the Country and participating in events locally for 16 Months now and we have been involved with numerous organizations. Realizing that we are a young non-profit, we also feel like we can see organizations for who they are. These organizations are our favorites, they've been selfless, caring and very professional, Banner of Hope, The Wellness Center, Bosom Buddies, American Cancer Society and Singleton Mom's. Like we stated, we are new and young, we have not yet met everyone that is out there working their tails off helping people affected by cancer, so I am sure our list will change as we grow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bosom Buddies (Just like it sounds)

This was one of our best small events yet, the people where so nice and the support for the fight was tremendous. These ladies played some serious softball and they raised lot's of money for the Bosom Buddies over the weekend. Lisa and I are sure glad they invited us to be a part of the fun and we look forward to doing it every year.

Gold Rush Day's in Wickenburg

We had a great time in Wickenburg at the Gold Rush Day's. I want to thank Leslie MCCardle and Joan McDermott for inviting us to participate in the parade. We met all the wonderful ladies in the Breast Cancer Support Group. We are starting to fill up all our weekends for the year and we are creating quite a following for the pink fire engines and our crew.

Visiting ASU

We visited an ASU women's basketball game, made some new friends and shared a few stories of our journey and the people we are trying to help. The spirit line came out to take a few pictures, We told them about our journey across the Country, we explained to them the importance of having so many signatures of survivors on the truck. I shared with them that our youngest survivor is just thirteen and about 1/6 of the survivors on the truck are under the age of 30 and that we have a 48 year survivor who is 84. I also told them that all our trucks or vehicles will be pink because we will be supporting all women in this Country who battle cancer, we will will rally people from all over to care enough to wear pink on the 25th, 26th and 27th of October to show all our women we care, that as a collective group we will march on their behalf, to say enough is enough.