Monday, November 9, 2009

Giving Cities the abillity to promote awareness to their women

Our program gives our City, State and Federal organizations the ability to show they care about their women by wearing her color, PINK! It doesn't align them with a specific charity or a specific disease but lets all women know that they CARE about their fight against cancer and other health related issues. With our Country being divided in so many different ways and our economy being what it is, this brings us together for the most important people in our community and in our own personal lives.
We do not promote the color pink as just representation in the fight against breast cancer but we wear the color pink for the same reasons we put our baby girls in a pink outfit and into a pink crib, she is precious, she is perfect and it is the universal color for our women. Women and Children first in their battle for life, organizations like the Fire and Police realize this and we wear Pink with honor, we wear it collectively, because we CARE!!!!

Why has Texas gone Pink?

Texas was the first State to adopt our program and they are making a difference for so many women who are battling cancer and giving all women a sense of hope! We are so grateful for the leadership by their Fire Departments and their Community leaders for seeing how wearing pink does not mean you have breast cancer but it acknowledges that we wear her color to let her know we care and love her and appreciate who she is in our community. Pink Heals!!!