Friday, September 26, 2008

Katina and Central Valley

After New York and before New Hampshire we stopped in Central Valley New York to pay a special visit to a friend of Lisa's, Katina Chontos who has been helping us for about 7 months and who has been one of our biggest supporters. She set us up with a place to stay and all our meals where taken care of by the Bright Star Diner. Her friends from the diner made sure we had coats to wear in New Hampshire, so that our Arizona bodies would not get cold. While we were there we had a static display of the truck right on the road in front of the diner, people that drove by all waved and honked their horns, the people of Central Valley sure made us feel welcome.
Katina is on the right and Lisa is on the Left.

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inpink said...

Thank You Katina for all you have done for the PInk Ribbon Tour! You are the best! I love ya Sis!