Saturday, September 13, 2008

Myrtle Beach was Great!!!!

Bill and Renee Collins Picked us up about fifty miles outside of Myrtle Beach and escorted us into town. We stopped by a restaurant called the Dead Dog Saloon where they were having a fundraiser for firefighters in the area and it was in honor of (9-11) We sat there for a while and met some great folks and then went to the Imaging center where we were greated by a bunch of screaming ladies, they even sang us a song that made us all laugh. James a firefighter from nearby Midway Fire invited us to his home the following morning to wash the truck and have some coffee. While we were there we decided to visit his daughters middle school to show the truck and talk to the kids, which we love. Renee and Bill thought we were going to stay about four hours but when I got there I told them we would like to stay the night, within a few minutes Renee without any hesitation got on the phone and got us some rooms right on the beach. We didn't get to enjoy the beach but we could hear the ocean as we sat in our rooms. Thanks Bill, Renee and James for making it a great experience.

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