Sunday, September 27, 2009

Showing we CARE by wearing Pink, Heals!!!!

I want to remind some of us that we set out to inspire people by driving these pink fire trucks across America to get out and fund raise off of our program and then give the money to an Organization in your community. Fire departments all over the Country have taken this program and have raised thousands of dollars and directed the money out into their communites. We have a non-profit that inspires people to give to other non-profits,,,, sounds like a firefighter had something to do with this program, I cannot take money from our firefighters across the Country, this program is free for us to show our women how important they are to us!!!!!! That is why the whole State of Texas and Missouri (it's firefighters) jumped all over this program. Our President asked us to get out and do more for our communites and it's charities that help people in need, these pink fire trucks are doing just that! Our Fire Departments that can see the future and that lead by example are taking this program and making a difference for the most important people in our lives ( Our Women) Thanks for your continued support!!!!!Read More

Great Leaders, Special People and friends!!!!

I am a little different to say the least, but I do know how to build a support group of success!!!! When I come up with an idea I always go to people that I admire and respect to get their opinions or advice about the project. When I came up with the idea about driving the Pink Fire Trucks across the Country and had formulated the plan with Lisa, we set out to have meetings with the people in my life that I see as true leaders. Elaine Scruggs the Mayor of Glendale AZ is not only one of these people but a dear friend. I believe and I've met and visited with Lot's of Mayor's, she is one of the best we have in the Country.
Her response to us, was to follow your dream, to not let the few who don't understand what we are doing get in the way of a selfless support effort!!!! We are so successful all across the Country because of people like Elaine Scruggs the Mayor of Glendale. Thank You! Believing in me meant so much.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wentzville fire department hit a homerun on this event

Can't wait till next year, so many women will benefit by this showing of support by their fire department. Wentzville, their fire department and Dave Marlo and so many of it's firefighters really showed how much they care about their women. Please ladies never let another firefighter loose his or her job due to a decline in your budgets in each of these Cities. We will work for you even when we are not being paid, we will honor you by wearing pink and support you in your fight against cancer. Thanks!

Our program has really picked up steam, thanks to all of you that support the pink fire trucks

Topeka, Kansas City, and Wentzville where all a hit as we made our way into their cities. We just heard today that Wentzville raised almost $28,000 on their first run with promoting this program. I guess we will have to build a pink fire station in Wentzville someday, it would make a perfect place for our station in the midwest. If you want to be involved in this event next year please contact the Wentzville Fire Department or any Fire department in all of the Cities we travel to.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thanks to North Metro Fire and Thornton Fire and Arvada Fire

Busy day visiting Arvada Fire, North Metro Fire, Thornton Fire and North Washington Fire District. We had great support all around the Denver area and met some new friends for next years tour. Thanks goes out to Wendy Forbes for setting all our stops up and getting all the support around the Denver area. The guys and gals from North Washington Fire washed the trucks and worked on our air leak that we have on "Karen", you set yourselves apart.

Vegas was more than we expected!

Well, I had a hard time getting a police escort in my own hometown but when I left and went to Las Vegas they shut down the Las Vegas Strip for a tour in Pink!!!! I heard that they had to go all the way to Washington DC to get permission to have our escort down the strip, what a total support effort for their women. Vegas Rocks!!!! Thanks to Cedric Williams for giving us a 45 mile police and fire escort into the event this year. We have decided to make Las Vegas our Homecoming event next year, hopefully we can get a strong support group from the Phoenix area to come and celebrate with us!!!

Our Kick-off was a total success!!!

We really appreciate the local community for coming out to the kick-off the other night, thanks goes out to ABC Nissan, Showcase Honda, and Camelback Toyota. I want to thank Elaine Scruggs for coming out as well, it was nice to show her the truck that we named after her, she also signed the truck and said some nice words of encouragement. It was good to see some friends that I work with at the Glendale Fire Department, it means a lot to me that some of the people that really know me support what I'm doing. Thanks!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Elaine" our third and final truck this year!

Elaine is finally done being painted and now we have to get her to the graphics shop. A few more days until we leave and we are still trying to get the trucks in order. We have decided to leave "Heather" our ladder truck back from this years tour, she is real slow, we will use her here while we are gone to go to events here at home. Thanks to all the people that have helped us this year to make this tour happen, we truly believe this is making a difference, fire and police along with our community leaders are getting in pink to honor all our women and then recognizing that we need to help in the fight against Cancer! Pink Heals
Thanks goes out to the gang from Tempe Code Enforcement, they are the ones that helped us get the trucks Registered and Plated for this years tour. They also Care Enough to Wear Pink to honor all women! Thanks Steve Lopez and Gang for your support!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Convention Pictures

Kirk Van Kleeve the Architect that has helped design our future pink fire station that we will call home to our National Non-Profit headquarters. It will also be a place of Love and Hope, a place that we can honor all women and their families that have been through cancer. A place that we can hold fund raisers, lectures, seminars and even community tours. Every square inch of this magnificent structure will have names of people that have gone through the battle against cancer. Kirk is pictured next to the rendering of the fire station, it will be something to see when complete, thanks Kirk. Pink will Heal!

We had a great time at the Texas Fire Museum in Dallas

What a great bunch of people, they looked over our truck so that we would be safe for the journey home and they also kept us entertained and fed us some Bratz and Beer while we where there. Lisa and I made some great friends and we even think they are going to get a fire truck to paint pink, we will make them our Dallas Affilate of the Guardians of the Ribbon. By the way we even got them to put on the turnouts and do our famous CANCAN dance, look for it on youtube.

Fire Chiefs Convention in Dallas a total Hit!!!!

We drove 1000 miles in our pink fire truck that we call "Karen" to the Fire Chiefs convention in Dallas where we had her on display. We where a total hit, we where invited right on the spot for next years convention in Chicago. We had so many Fire Chiefs coming up and saying they want to get involved with the Pink Heals Program. We here that our idea to have pink fire engines in each department is starting to take on a life of it's own. We believe that all Cities that have a reserve truck should paint one pink in honor of our women. It makes sense, since most of our Fire and Police departments are made up of mostly men, what a great way to show our women we CARE!!!!

New Pink Fire Suits from Globe

We will be looking good this year on tour with the new pink fire suits that Globe made for us! They have been so gracious and supportive of our event, I guess all great companies think alike. We want to say a special thank you to Lisa Wickman for believing in us and for pushing the right buttons to get the suits made.