Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Virginia Beach has set a new BAR!!!!

April Elmore of Virginia Beach Fire Department went all out for our event and she even had the Mayor come out and YES, the Mayor made a proclamation for our event, making the 15th of October the Cares Enough to Wear Pink day by the Citizens of Virginia Beach and the 25, 26th and 27th be the days the Public Safety wear pink. She reminds me a lot of a Mayor that I know in Glendale Arizona, Elaine Scruggs who is also a visionary, I am sure we will have a proclamation in the near future for the women of Glendale.

When we arrived, there was at least a 100 firefighters in pink waiting for us at the Mall, thanks again goes out to April Elmore and the firefighters of Virginia Beach.


inpink said...

All I can say is WOW! Way to go!
I am in awe of how the communities are grabbing on to this amazing opportunity to get men involved!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave!!!! Things are looking good. Glad to see all the support.
Hope all is going well.

Lynn Hall