Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pink Heals Tour formerly Pink Ribbon Tour

We experienced an amazing transformation on our last tour across the Country, we began supporting all women and their fight against cancer. It left room for all our leaders in all our communities to decide who they wanted to give their fundraising dollars too, it also showed the women of their communities that they cared by wearing the pink shirts. All charities across the country who support women benefited by our efforts. We have a truck that has gone across the country to support the fight against breast cancer and we now have a ladder truck that will be pink and it will support all women as a whole and their fight against cancer. We will call our next tour the Pink Heals Tour, if we all are in pink as a collective group, pink will heal a women's soul. At the very least, these three days that we call the Cares Enough to Wear Pink days, will be days all of us honor women by wearing pink shirts.
This is a picture of the ladder truck, it is being painted at RC Towing in Casa Grande. Breakdown is the custom painter that has taken on the task of making this a pink ladder truck. It will be an amazing show of support for the ladies when it is done and yes they will be able to sign the ladder truck when it is done.