Saturday, September 20, 2008

East Rutherford what a City!!!!

So we make it to East Rutherford and they put a police officer to stay with the truck over night to stand guard on the truck, it has become quite valuable with all the signatures on it and the stories of survival that come with them. The next morning we had a parade through their town to visit some important sights and people. While we were on the parade the trailer hitch snapped and the trailer receiver broke as well right in the middle of the road. Within minutes the Police Chief and Fire Department called a city welder and worked on it non stop for four hours so we could get the escort into the Lincoln Tunnel and into New York City. A very special thanks goes out to Carlstadt Police and Fire departments and also the Woodbridge Police department for making this event a success. While they were fixing the trailer we resumed our parade with just the fire truck, East Rutherford and their citizens deserve a big thank you from all of us for their kindness and support. When we started going into the tunnel I read on the sign that the max height for vehicles was 13 feet and I was praying that Johnny from Maricopa Metals made the height shorter than that, of course I didn't even think about the height of the Tunnel when I asked for the escort into the City. Can you imagine the pink fire truck getting stuck in the tunnel. We made it by four inches and got through the tunnel just perfect, I think the good Lord is watching out for us and I am sure there are lots of people all across the country praying for us as well. We stopped right in front of Radio City Music Hall for four hours and what a sight we were. I will have more pictures when we download them from all our cameras and we get some sent to us by others who were there.


TEAM H.O.P.E. said...

I'm so glad the truck made it through the tunnel!

It's nice to see the folks out there are taking good care of you!

Can't wait for your return here.

chrisie said...

Wow, what can I say? The pictures do the fire truck no justice, it just has to be seen to be believed.
Dave, Lisa, Monica and all the rest of you guy's and gal's rock, not to mention Jasper who almost ended up in my husband's saddle bag!

I never thought a fire truck would make me cry, but you proved me wrong.

The police officer who led us from the tunnel into NYC to Rockefeller Center sends his regards and he said that if you ever need him as an escort again, you've got him. I personally thanked him yesterday as his detail is up the block from my Wall Street office!

Be safe on the rest of your journey and God Bless always!

:) Chrisie Shaw & "The Pink Lady"