Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pink Ribbon Tour Upcoming Events

August 9th: Margaritaville
Westgate City Center Glendale (5-9pm)
August 10: Next Coffee Company
119420 N 59th ave (Just south of the 101 on the west side of the street (8-11am)
Please join us for our last ribbon making party.

August 11th: Pine Wood Country Club
(Munds Park) (8am-4pm)

August 12th: Charles Schwab
3133 E. Camelback SWC 2nd building south of Camelback (11-1pm)

August 13th:Charles Schwab
Stech/Data Center 4750 E Francisco Dr. 3blocks south of baseline (11-1pm)

August 20th League of Arizona Cities and Towns
(A conference with all the Mayor's and council members from around the state) (5-9pm) Camelback Inn 5402 E. Lincoln Dr

August 21st:Charles Schwab
The Peak 2423 E. Lincoln Dr NWC Lincoln and 24th st. (11-1pm)

August 23rd: The Phoenix Theatre
NEC Central and McDowell (100 E. McDowell rd) 10-4pm. We will be on stage from 11:30-12:30pm to explain are goals and story of how we got started. There will be a mobile on-site Mammography to perform mammograms.

August 24th: Arrowhead Towne Centre Mall
(Between the Starbucks and Movie theatre in the Amphitheatre We hope to have a collection of fire trucks from each city in the valley. We are asking that each fire truck have some sign of pink on it in support of our women. We are asking all motorcycle enthusiasts to please wear pink and
escort our pink truck to Tucson. Gathering around 10am and leaving at 11am

This will be a big day for the event and we want everybody to please show up.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Governor of Arizona signs Pink Fire Truck

We have come a long way since September of last year, when I came up with the idea of driving a pink fire truck with a statue behind it across America. The truck and statue are full of signatures from women that either have breast cancer, a breast cancer survivor, lost somebody to breast cancer or a women who just wants to acknowledge her support for what we are doing. We are getting support from Mayor's and Chiefs from all over the Country and the list is growing every day.

July 17 at 10am was one of our biggest days yet, when the Governor of Arizona came walking down the steps at the Capitol to sign our beautiful pink fire truck, yes she too is a breast cancer survivor. Governor Janet Napolitano said some wonderful things about our event and was so gracious to everyone there, that I plan on visiting the Capitol next January while they are in session. We are going to touch so many lives with this truck and statue and her support will not go unnoticed as we make our way to other cities across America. She truly leads by example and not by title, we are lucky to have her.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Meeting friends along our journey is Great!!!!!

While driving down the Mountain our breaks got hot so we had to pull into Pine AZ. While there we met Tracy and Harold who happened to pull into the parking lot to take a look at the Pink fire truck and it so happened they new how to work on Semi trucks. They gave us a little class on the engine and brakes and even told me how to use my gears and brakes while going down the mountains. In a sense they could have saved our lives, we all know what would have happened if the brakes went out on the truck. They even went home and brought back some tools and road reflectors to give us, just in case!! Tracy and Harold are the reason this event is so great and why this Country is awesome and they are the many reasons why this event has been so successful. We even invited them to come along the two month journey to help out, we all know what kind of mechanic I am. lol Thanks Tracy and Harold, keep the food in the refrigerator cold, we will be back to see you guys. Dave and Lisa

July 4th celebration in Show Low was a HIT!!!!!!!

We took the pink fire truck and statue of the ribbon to Show Low AZ over the weekend and it was quite a hit with the locals. Thanks goes out to Karen Lynn from the dispatch center and Dan from the Fire department for making the weekend a great success for the women of Show Low. I also want to thank Fire Chief Owen's and his wife and son Brian for helping me with fixing the truck and donating a few lights. Show Low Fire and Police are going to be in pink on the 25th, 26th and 27th of October.