Friday, October 2, 2009

Palmer Mass to East Hartford Conneticut

Emotional day with two stops in two states to meet two courageous women. One visit was by escort to her home to tell her we love her and to let her sign the truck and the other was an escort to a fire station to honor one of their own who is currently battling cancer. East Hartford on short notice put together one great event! So many people to honor these pink fire trucks and to show their love to this beautiful women. What a day we had doing what we started out doing and that is providing love and hope to so many by bringing people together to battle this disease we call "CANCER". People that have not been affected directly by cancer, coming together for those that have, sending a strong message to this disease that we are sick and tired of watching our loved ones suffer. We are asking our community leaders and our Politicians to get out in pink as well, while we hear people talk about how they care, we need to show that we care by wearing her color, PINK! Then march on her behalf against Cancer as a selfless army of support! This selfless showing of support will bring so many people together for our women. Our program has now been adopted by more than 900 Cities across the Country in less then 2 years. I want to thank all the Politicians that came out to the event in East Hartford, your support is a sign that this can work on both sides of the Isle. A program that focuses first on supporting all women and then helping them with their fight against cancer by at the very least wearing pink.
Thank You!!!!!!

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