Friday, October 16, 2009

The Chicago area is really getting on board with this program!!!

Countryside Fire, Vernon Hills, Barlett Fire and many other suburbs of Chicago are going pink and using our program to raise money and create awareness for the fight against Cancer. Since we are the Fire and Police, since we are made up of mostly men, why shouldn't we march first for our women against this terrible disease. Thanks goes out to all the Departments that recognize this program is free to adopt and that each one of your Cities will see huge difference in the support each of your local charities will get for their fund raising needs. At the very least wearing pink shirts shows our women that we CARE and that we LOVE them. Dubois PA, a smaller community came out and showed their support for the Pink Fire Trucks and all the local Fire companies had their shirts on and even dressed their trucks in pink.
We could not do this program now that we are building an Army of Pink Fire Trucks if it wasn't for all the men and women that have donated weeks of their time away from their families to drive these trucks. Kevin Artz and Kevin Bathke did just that and we are very appreciative of their time, we also look for these two great people to be on the road next year.

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Vix said...

We really enjoyed having you here in Dubois, PA. The Girl Scouts wanted to know if you got a chance to pass out the pins they made. They had a blast helping out and earned a fun patch to boot. One of our girls was so interested that she wanted to work on a more detailed badge to learn more. Hope to see you back again soon.