Friday, October 16, 2009

Special People in Special places!!!!

I want to thank Renee and Bill Collins for taking such good care of us and the trucks and planning a few events in their community of Myrtle Beach and surrounding Cities. I also want to thank The Red Knights Motorcycle Clubs throughout the Country, especially the ones from Charleston and Allan Duke for having a heart the size of South Carolina. These clubs have been escorting us and protecting us as we make our way across the U.S.!!! The Charleston Air Force Base is the first U.S. installation to allow an outside event like ours, an awareness program in support of all women. They treated us with great respect and the military support will grow, I am sure other military bases will ask us to make appearances as well. The only way this will grow and make a difference in a huge way, is for all of us that have not experienced cancer directly to march against this disease collectively, why not start by wearing pink in support of all our women and their fight!

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Taz-n-Raz said...

RENEE COLLINS, this is Nicole that used to be at Canine Command Center. Please e-mail me at Want to talk with you,
Thanks so much!
XOXO to Sampson!!!!