Friday, October 16, 2009

Bartlett Fire Department really stepped up!!!

Bartlett Fire Department made quite a statement to their community with these pink fire trucks. Each Community does something a little different and Bartlett Fire was the first to tour the trucks throughout their community to the Schools. We have an important message to share and why not to our children. We are asking all schools to adopt our Cares Enough to Wear Pink program and have all teachers in pink what a statement this is for our children to see all of us in pink honoring our women and helping them in their fight against cancer.
The Hindu Temple and the Hindu Religion is based around Love when they saw these trucks I think they realized what they mean and it is just purely "LOVE" money can't buy what we sell and that is love. These trucks with all these stories of sacrifice cannot be bought, either can this magnificent Temple. What a day we had and the people we meet on this tour will never be forgotten.

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