Sunday, September 27, 2009

Showing we CARE by wearing Pink, Heals!!!!

I want to remind some of us that we set out to inspire people by driving these pink fire trucks across America to get out and fund raise off of our program and then give the money to an Organization in your community. Fire departments all over the Country have taken this program and have raised thousands of dollars and directed the money out into their communites. We have a non-profit that inspires people to give to other non-profits,,,, sounds like a firefighter had something to do with this program, I cannot take money from our firefighters across the Country, this program is free for us to show our women how important they are to us!!!!!! That is why the whole State of Texas and Missouri (it's firefighters) jumped all over this program. Our President asked us to get out and do more for our communites and it's charities that help people in need, these pink fire trucks are doing just that! Our Fire Departments that can see the future and that lead by example are taking this program and making a difference for the most important people in our lives ( Our Women) Thanks for your continued support!!!!!Read More


Stephanie said...

Great work Dave! I was showing my dad the site and he said "I think I coached him in baseball." Did you play in AZ as a kid? My dad is Jay May. My brother is Rich May. I met you at the send off at Camelback Toyota (my name is Stephanie and I am a fellow musician friend of Chuck E.'s). I happen to be the Honorary Race Chair for the Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure this year and saw your photos with Janet Napoletano who held the position last year. I don't think she sang the National Anthem as is my privilege this year :-) but she champions a GREAT cause. THANK YOU for your amazing work. See you upon your return to AZ!

Stephanie "Foxx"

Luke said...

Great job in Maine this week! What you're doing is a great way to get out in the community and help a very worthy cause. CITGO is helping to recognize and reward people like you that are “fueling good” with a year's supply of fuel. Check out to read about other inspirational people and submit your story for a chance to win gas for a year.

Also, follow us on Twitter for program updates and additional chances to win CITGO gift cards: @FuelingGood2009.

- Luke