Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wentzville and surrounding towns stepped up BIG!!!!

Dave Marlo, Chief Randy BornHop and the gang from Wentzville Fire really took care of us. They let us stay in a new station that hasn't been opened yet and they escorted us everyday were ever we went. They planned events and they even had our truck serviced and worked out the deal so it was free of charge. Our Pink Fire Truck needed the bearings packed on the left front wheel, new shocks and a front end alignment, they even through in a new front tire. Peggy and the great women from Ann's Bra Shop worked hand-in-hand with the firefighters so that all these events went smoothly. Our last event at Ann's Bra Shop was our most memorable and inspiring, it was a true event for all the women who attended that battle breast cancer and cancer in general. Each one of us had a pink balloon, 150 in all and let them go in celebration of the Pink Ribbon Tour and all the women who's signatures are on the truck. Thanks go out to Pattonville Fire, Lake Saint Louis Fire and Central County Fire and rescue for supporting this effort. Local 2665 with it's 2200 members really have stepped up for the women in their cities, they should all be proud. There will be more pictures of the Wentzville stop in the next few blogs.

Wally being from Las Cruces has a little cowboy in his blood, Wally and Chris from Las Cruces have been awesome, there selflessness for the tour is unmatched, accept with our other companion Steve and now our puppy Jasper.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Wally! Thumbs up!