Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bonnie Hunt Show and meeting Olivia Newton John in one day

The show was great, I wish we had more time to explain our mission to all the folks that watch her show, but it was great to meet her and Olivia Newton John. Olivia Newton John jumped right into the fire truck and drove it down the lot like she was an Engineer for the Glendale Fire Department. The biggest concern for all us men in pink was going down the pole on National TV, blowing out a knee and then needing to call 911 on her show would have been quite the site. Where we come from, we do not slide down poles and two of our crew are not firefighters, so we were a little nervous. We have been getting so many e-mails of support from so many women across the Country, I have asked as many of them as I can to please send letters of support to the Ellen, and Oprah shows, so we can get that pink truck some more support. We plan on doing a tour Across the Country every year and with each year we will add a pink fire truck. We will do this until our mission is complete and that is to have all our men and whoever wants to participate in the "Cares Enough to Wear Pink Days" in their pink shirts. I can't say it enough, it is about the men in this Country supporting our women in their fight against cancer. Can you just imagine a hundred pink fire trucks making a tour to the department of Health in Washington DC and driven by us men in pink and demanding a cure for our women, What a site!!!! You can take our money and you can even take our health, but you will never take our inherent want as men to take care of our women.


Shannon said...

I love what you guys are doing! Maybe I will catch you in San Diego next yr! Check out my recent blog about the Breast Cancer walk I did last weekend! Blessings to you guys

Sudeepta said...

I really like your big troop you are doing a great job.
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