Thursday, October 2, 2008

Toledo and on to Countryside fire department a Chicago suburb

Toledo Fire department allowed us to do a static display of the fire truck from their fire station #25 for four hours and set us up with hotel rooms for the night. They also let us keep the truck at their local shop to keep it safe and even fueled the fire truck up for us before we left. We then made our way through the Chicago traffic to a suburb called Countryside on the Northwest side of the City. When we go to the Westfield Mall they already had all their trucks there with the ladder high in the air with our banner on the end of the stick and all the guys were wearing pink work shirts. It is amazing how much support we are getting with this campaign and they are already talking about how much money they will raise for their women of their community. They see that wearing pink uniform shirts not only show support for the fight agianst cancer but also for their women of their communities, Kudos to them and their vision.

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inpink said...

You guys look great in pink! Way to go! Love the helmets too!

The support from all the different fire depts across the country is so very inspiring! I am impressed with their ability to show how much they care!