Saturday, October 18, 2008

North Las Vegas and surrounding Cities

Nancy Oconnor, Cedrick Williams and the Chiefs from North Las Vegas have made our stay the best so far. They have given the truck a tune-up, put us up in the Cannery Hotel where they gave us coupons for free food, it even has a movie theatre so we can relax and get some down time. We were given a Proclamation by their Mayor, a Brophy graduate, Michael L. Montandon, we also received acknowledgement by the Governor of Nevada, Jim Gibbons. Senator Harry Reid also gave us a Certificate of Commendation and his office helped us get clearance with the Secret Service and FBI to be at the Joe Biden event in Henderson.

It says a lot that they let us have the truck at that event, it represents so many women in this Country who need support from our leaders and most importantly our MEN. I have tried since I started this event to get support from all the politicians on both sides of the aisle, this event is driven just by the passion for life and the will to do more for others in need. No hidden agendas, No Corporate money, just a small amount of money from a savings account, a women who loves me, my family and some great friends around the Country.

Thanks goes to Wally Monsivaiz the firefighter who had the great idea to have his fire department wear pink shirts for the women of Las Cruces. The Fire Chief of Las Cruces, Adolph Zubia should be honored for being the leader he is, seeing how by wearing pink, would not only support the fight against cancer but also show support for all our women by us MEN. I think that is why so many Fire departments and Police departments and Politicians are in support of this event.

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