Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flyer for the St. Louis event

Can you imagine all the fire fighters and police officers and community leaders honoring their women by wearing pink across the Country at the same time. What an unbelievable site it would be to a women who is trying every minute of every day to keep her spirits up! Families who are on the front lines helping a loved one going through this disease, would know that they are not alone and just around the corner at a fire station or a police station, or City Hall, there are people that will do whatever it takes for our women in their fight against cancer.
There is something that will never change in my life or any other man, that is our inherent nature to always want to take care of our women. These departments that are changing their uniforms to show support are true heroes for their communities and we should all be proud that they are in our lives. Words cannot express how much I appreciate their support on this event and how truly selfless they all are.

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