Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A special visit, releasing the Balloons at Ann's Bra Shop

We had a great time at Ann's Bra Shop and celebrated the women at the event and all the women on the truck who are very important to this mission of hope and awareness.

While we were there, we heard about a beautiful women who's battling for her life against breast cancer, we were asked by a friend and the family if we could come by and see her. Ginger, has been battling her second occurrence with cancer for about 6 months, the family thought if we came by with the pink fire truck, dressed in our pink turnouts, it would lift her spirits. As she made her way to the front door, she was shocked at the sight of us standing there, I think she was so weak and tired, that it was hard for her to show any emotion. But when she saw Jasper, she broke out into a smile and wanted to love on him, Jasper has become so important on the tour, it made a huge difference just to have him there. When we got in the truck for the drive back, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet in the truck, it really hit home as to why we need to do this. I am asking everybody out there that if you are healthy and have not been affected by cancer to please start helping our women in their fight against this disease. As we know men can be affected as well but more importantly we need to rally around our women to march on their behalf so they do not suffer anymore. Please just find a CURE


Anonymous said...

Fight this fight with all your might Ginger! We are all here for you, every single person we have touched with the Pink Fire Truck and then some. Ton's of love and support for you. I will be praying for your quick recovery! God Bless.

renee said...

Hey Guys,
Its me Renee (the clerk at Millers Grocery in Jasper Tx.)I have been keeping up with ya'll and Jasper.Im so glad you got him!Sounds like he has really been good for you and the people you are meeting.Keep up the good work,KISSES TO JASPER.
Hope to see him again one day.
Ya'll take care and we love you
God Bless