Sunday, September 18, 2011

Learning to pace myself as we travel across the Country!

     One Month into this years tour and the emotional toll is quite exhausting, I battle trying to get the message out to all the media and leaders in the community, while trying to balance meeting so many people out there battling cancer. We are so much more than just an awareness campaign and our program is what the Country needs in a time where we have a hard time trusting our Leaders locally and nationally as well. I feel the pain in communities that have tried to work hard and around them their leaders have sold their labor of love.
     You would think that all fundraising done in our local communities, Counties and States would make it a requirement that we keep all the money locally, but very few States require that the money stays in their own State. Millions of dollars could be saved to generate jobs, save jobs and even provide immediate care for their own people, if we just kept the money generated by our labor of love.
     We have asked for nothing and give everything away because love has always been free, if we are in service to others it's never about the money. I love what it means to be an American, I love what it means to be in service to others based on true volunteerism, this is what has made America what it is.
Pink Heals! 

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