Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making up stops as we go!

    I'm sitting in a Hampton Inn just outside Nashville in a town called Mt. Juliet. We have just eaten at a retired firefighters house in a Del Webb development whose wife is currently battling breast cancer. We met Mike and Jeanne George at our last event at a YMCA on the far West side of Nashville and they invited us over for some home cooked food. It is amazing when you travel the Country doing what we're doing, you get to meet great people and the stories you hear are amazing.
    It's amazing how many drivers, firefighters, real men and women that want to help us get across the Country spreading our program to so many afflicted with cancer and to so many Cities that need to establish new programs for their people.
When we pick Cities to visit we make contact with their local Fire Chief, Police Chief, Union Presidents, Mayor and if we have the time some of the Cancer organizations in each community. Very few tell us their not interested, very few of them once they see our press release and the videos of all the places that we've visited decline to celebrate the women, men and children that have taken the time to sign the trucks. Nashville's Fire Chief and it's City officials told us they where not interested, so that is how we ended up at the YMCA in Brentwood where we met a wonderful lady by the name of Nancy Brown. Nancy a survivor runs a non-profit program called ABC. They give survivors a free 16 week membership to the "Y", a trainer and offer all kinds of support information to help in recovery. Everything stays local and I think this is one of the many organizations we need to support as we inspire tax based organizations to raise money through our efforts. You can email Nancy at to get more information.  Pink Heals!

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