Monday, October 3, 2011

Eight thousand miles and dozens of Cities and we still have lots of work to do!

As we make our way through Florida, I realize how much work we still need to do to get our voice heard. People still are taking our logo and attaching it to specific causes (Ribbons) and not the women of their communities. We have become a brand, with this brand we represent our women, our communities and most importantly LOVE! They are suppose to use this brand, fund raise and then share the money with local organizations that help our women battling cancer and other issues. If we wear her color not because she's sick but because she represents love, selflessness, family, home, then Pink will Really Heal!
There is a reason we refer to our Country (United States) as SHE or HER, these two small words remind us that we need to protect and fight for our freedom it comes from our Love for our Country! The same goes for the women in our lives and around the World. Our brand is about people and it's not attached to a specific cause, if we rally around this brand and it's given for free, it will become the World's most powerful movement. know one can side step this calling to action because it's not in service to ourselves based on a personal struggle, with a specific disease. It is just doing what we where put here to do and that is put her first, stand together and take care of our families and communities.

I do have to admit that being called Guardians of the Ribbon can be a little confusing but in the beginning we wanted to protect all awareness ribbons and yes we do drive pink fire trucks. Komen has done a wonderful job in the area of research and marketing the pink ribbon to support breast cancer. We are just a little more profound in our approach and bring all people to take action in the fight for our women, families and communities. If our communities rally together for each other and not large organizations, then they control their destiny, large organizations will have to build infastructure close to these communities and thus create jobs, money raised stays home and then we can get CARE immediately! Pink Heals!

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