Sunday, September 11, 2011

Becoming International sets the bar real high!

Now that we have visited our chapter in Quebec, we can officially say that we've become an International organization. We have firefighters in Iraq wearing our shirts and hopefully we will get some fire trucks painted pink and moving throughout the highways of Germany, Australia and the Philippines. These are the Countries that have showed interest in our program.
What Cities and departments across the Country still need to realize is that we are creating a movement with our program. We are branding this movement with our tour every year by building trust and spreading the same message over and over again. Putting our women first, not because she is sick but because she should be first. Men who are men realize this, leaders who truly have God given leadership abilities realize this. So that is why you see so many of our pink fire trucks with our symbol and our mission statement being driven throughout the Country. If you see a pink fire truck on the road and they don't look just like our National tour trucks, they aren't a part of our program.

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Claudia said...

As I was driving home to CT this afternoon from VT, where I took part in a Zombathon in Morrisville,to raise money for the Lamoile Cancer Network,I passed your three trucks. As a breast cancer survivor, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for what you are doing. Keep up your good work and message.
Claudia Anderson