Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nothing like a platform to explain our movement!

We had a great stop in Hardin County thanks to Chief Steve New. He and his staff and firefighters along with the citizens of his community really put on a first class event. Now I know why in the old days Presidents went to small town USA to campaign, they truly know what community is all about and they still have that sense of serving others based on Love!
I have to say the parade and the placement of "Our Ribbon of Hope" statue was perfect. It was right in front of the American Flag, with a stage just in front of that. It really brought out a lot of emotion  for me and I really got the message out about our program.
We are going to create the Worlds largest brand to give away for free to help communities raise money, save jobs and even create jobs. What if the number one brand in the World was a symbol of love based on what our women mean to us and it was given to each and every community so they in turn could create funds to help people pay their unforeseen costs due to cancer. If we are willing to drive thousands of miles around the country imprinting this brand for free and we are willing to give it to you so you can use this brand to raise money and help your own people, it becomes perfect! This is the next evolution in fundraising, this is a program that all our Politicians can wrap their arms around and limits their ability to turn the other cheek. It brings them back to the front lines and lets them stand right with us as we celebrate our own people. What if we create an immediate care program in each community based on fundraising year round by our people in each community. You cannot tell me it won't work, I was told fireman wearing t-shirts wouldn't work and now we have forty pink fire trucks in three different countries and thousands of fire departments wearing our symbol all around the Globe. We will be the largest fire department in the World in the next five years and it will be all based on love and what our women mean to us! Pink Heals!

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