Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why this program is perfect for our teacher's and teacher Unions!

Everybody in this Country realizes that we need a better education system, we realize that we need to pay our teachers better salaries. We recognize that most of us had a special person in our lives that helped shape us into the people that we are by a teacher or a coach.

This program is perfect for our Teachers, Why? They stand in front of our future leaders, our children and guide them forward trying to make them better people. By adopting our program they stand in front of the class wearing pink in honor of their mother, sister, grandmother or any other special women in their lives, letting them know they care about the women of their communities and their fight against cancer. Each school could hold a fundraiser by selling their shirts and direct the money to a charity close to home. Your schools Superintendent should allow each schools Principal to decide where the money should go, that way we share the Labor from our efforts with many non-profits or families battling this disease.

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