Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fire departments and states that have adopted our movement!

We would like to thank these States and it's fire fighters and community leaders;
Texas....Florida....Missouri....Oklahoma....Rhode Island....South Carolina....
They have adopted our program to wear pink to support all their women and help them with their battle against all cancer.
States that are currently in process to adopt:

Alabama, Washington, New Hampshire, North Carolina and more to come. We are also hoping that at this years IAFF Convention they adopt this movement Nationally. We are also going to ask the International Association of Fire Chiefs to adopt it as well.


Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to your arrival in Norfolk, Virginia. I can't wait to meet the team.

Elizabeth Marsala

caotickate said...

It was great meeting you in Bismarck, ND. This is yet another case of the selfless helping others. As a former firefighter I am pround of you and what a great cause. I am plannin on taking your information to our next department meeting. Best of everything!!

Anonymous said...

My son is a volunteer fireman for the town of Grand Rapids, WI which is a extension of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Sure would love to meet the team.