Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We're just drivers, carrying powerful messages!

We are just men that are giving up some time from our daily lives, a few women that realize how important this movement is to inspire communities to rally support for those that have been affected by cancer!

The real heroes, celebrities and angels are the thousands of names that have been written on the pink fire trucks. We carry their pain and suffering due to cancer, we share their tears of sorrow and joy, either from a loss or a kick ass victory over this disease. This is not just about women, there are men on this truck who've suffered cancer, their women wanted to share their stories of sacrafice as well, there are little boys and girls, like Molly and Chance who are battling brain cancer. This is not just about survivors, it's about Love and hope and that even though people have lost their lives due to cancer, we allow their memory to live on and their story of sacrafice to be shared. Pink Heals!

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