Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why our Politicians should support this movement!

The fire Chief of Memphis, The Mayor of Kansas City, Director of Homeland Security and former Governor of AZ, Janet Napolitano and Senator Lisa Baker of Pennsylvania. Just a few of hundreds that support our program.

Our Politicians are elected into office by the vote of the people, they are put there to lead us forward, they are doing their work not for personal gain, but to serve their communities selflessly.

This movement is perfect for our leaders to support, it is one that has to be supported by elected officials. Why? By adopting our program in their community, they show their leadership skills, selflessness and compassion. It doesn't align them with one specific charity, or sponsor. It basically aligns them with all the women of their communities, their fire and police organizations (Our Countries first line of Defense) and every man out their that puts their women first in her battle for life. We give this program to all of them to adopt for free so that anything that might come from a rally of support like a gesture of Love or even some money raised by a fund raiser stays in their community, Perfect!

Please e-mail us and get a press kit, send this out to all your Politicians and tell them you want them to get involved in our movement to celebrate the women of your communities. Pink Heals!

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