Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great Leaders, Special People and friends!!!!

I am a little different to say the least, but I do know how to build a support group of success!!!! When I come up with an idea I always go to people that I admire and respect to get their opinions or advice about the project. When I came up with the idea about driving the Pink Fire Trucks across the Country and had formulated the plan with Lisa, we set out to have meetings with the people in my life that I see as true leaders. Elaine Scruggs the Mayor of Glendale AZ is not only one of these people but a dear friend. I believe and I've met and visited with Lot's of Mayor's, she is one of the best we have in the Country.
Her response to us, was to follow your dream, to not let the few who don't understand what we are doing get in the way of a selfless support effort!!!! We are so successful all across the Country because of people like Elaine Scruggs the Mayor of Glendale. Thank You! Believing in me meant so much.

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