Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Elaine" our third and final truck this year!

Elaine is finally done being painted and now we have to get her to the graphics shop. A few more days until we leave and we are still trying to get the trucks in order. We have decided to leave "Heather" our ladder truck back from this years tour, she is real slow, we will use her here while we are gone to go to events here at home. Thanks to all the people that have helped us this year to make this tour happen, we truly believe this is making a difference, fire and police along with our community leaders are getting in pink to honor all our women and then recognizing that we need to help in the fight against Cancer! Pink Heals
Thanks goes out to the gang from Tempe Code Enforcement, they are the ones that helped us get the trucks Registered and Plated for this years tour. They also Care Enough to Wear Pink to honor all women! Thanks Steve Lopez and Gang for your support!!!

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Stephanie said...

I just read every entry you made and every comment on this site and am moved to tears. Being a musician in town and a friend of Chuck E. Baby's, he's been telling me about your truck and vision since I was diagnosed back in Feb. I'm excited to see the truck at Camelback Toyota tomorrow and hopefully personally wish you the BEST on your travels in the upcoming months. Safe travels and THANK YOU for your diligence in raising awareness.