Monday, August 25, 2008

We made it to Las Cruces

People all over the country are starting to call and ask if the pink fire truck can come to their town. You can imagine how hard it is for me to say NO to anybody if I could I would stay on the road for a year. Memphis fire department wanted me to come to their city and I had to say NO, but maybe next year. I just got a phone call from the wife of a fire Chief in South Bend Indiana and since it is on or way to Chicago we will make a stop. They are on board the Cares Enough to Wear Pink event, they have even talked about using a reserve truck to paint pink and fundraise for their women of South Bend. Please remember I do not want any money from the works of the Fire and Police going to our Organization from this event other than fuel or expense money. This Event is to inspire thousands of fire and police agencies to get in pink for their women and then raise money for their own Breast Cancer organizations. This is truly a great country and I am proud to be a part of the Public Safety here in the US.

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Anonymous said...


It was an Honor and a Privilege to meet you and escort you and your group to Tucson(well close).
We hope you a safe trip.
I'm trying to contact the Ofc Holly foundation and when I speak to a person will give them your info.
We'll see you when you get home-

Just Us PSMC
Phoenix, AZ