Sunday, August 24, 2008

The First Day of an Incredible Journey!!!!

Wow, are start at Arrowhead was awesome! I was overwhelmed with the support that was showed for our truck and crew. We had so many motorcycle riders and so many people that we have become friends with through this event. I was really appreciative for the support I was given by the fire departments, Mesa, Peoria, Luke Air Force Base, and Glendale Fire. The support from my friends and family are what this thing is all about and I am so happy, it was exactly how I planned it to be, THANK YOU!

We left Glendale Arrowhead Mall and went to Westgate shopping center with a motorcycle escort that was about 1 mile long, what a site!!! We then headed to Casa Grande where we made a quick stop in front of a Target to meet and great some more breast cancer survivors. From there we went to Kohl's on Cortaro road in North Tucson and met with four different fire departments, Northwest Fire District, Tucson Fire, Rural Fire Department, Golder Ranch fire district. They are all coming together for our women and they are all wanting to get on board wearing pink on these three days in October 25th, 26th and 27th. Thanks To Kelly McCoy of Northwest fire and Dan Burke of Tucson fire for getting this put together.


Jennifer said...

Go Dave GO!

Girl Scout Troop 9 is Proud of YOU!

Hayleigh, Kacie, Dallas, Allison & Jennifer

Pink Ribbon News said...

Both questions are valid and yes most of the money raised by me on this journey will go to paying the expenses to get across the country. When done if there is any money we will definately be giving the money to women in the community who have breast cancer and maybe in need of assistance. Since we started this campaign with $4,000, their are fire and police agencies all over the country creating their own fundraising activities to give to a breast cancer organiztion of their choosing. I have not asked for anything other than some money like you said to go into my tank. Off this effort their will be thousands of dollars probably raised and tons of awareness for our women all over the country. When we are done I will get people that I know to build a pink fire station that will be donated to our organization, a pink fire truck will go out into the community and help women who have breast cancer with care packages or maybe someday with their bills. NO MONEY will go to research but to the women who are battling this disease today. From this pink fire truck we are inspiring people to get involved in helping our women and a few men with this disease, it is working. thank you for asking and at least we are doing something. Dave

Mare said...

Hi Dave,

We were part of the crowd at Arrowhead Mall that greeted The Pink Fire Truck.

We are Wome who ride motorcycles and belong to a National Organization. We rode to West Gate Mall despite the high temperature that day because we believe in you and your organization.

We were there to support you on your mission as most of us have a family member or a friend who has been affected by breast cancer.

We support you and your crew and that AMAZING PINK RIBBON TRUCK.

Keep up the good work!

~ Mare

linda said...

Hey Dave Anne McCarroll here. wanted to say WOW what a web site. My husband Jeff aka BOS (vice president) with the Sober Riders and I are looking forward to the Home coming event in Scottsdale. I am sure you have had an incredible journey and lots of stories and memories. Again THANK YOU for your gracious amount of support. God Bless