Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Texas is sure a Big State!!!!

We are in a town that is one of the best small towns in the Country. I stopped by hear five years ago when I golfed across the Country for kids, I developed some lasting friendships and fond memories and they have not forgot how crazy I am. Ozona, TX was sure surprised when I dropped by the Fire Department with my pink fire truck. We have spent a whole day here and they gave me a new spare tire and rewired the trailer and fixed some lights. If you happen to be driving to San Antonio going east or El Paso going West please stop by this town, Miss Lou runs the fire house and she can rally all the fire personal for a meet and great in short notice. Please eat at the Hitching Post restaurant and have a British Hamburger, it is the best hamburger I have ever had, tell Matt that the Pink Ribbon Tour sent you.
The Fire Chief is going to have all the gang wear pink on these three days and the guys are trying to get him to paint the reserve truck pink, I bet they do!

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