Sunday, June 8, 2008

"My thoughts on what we are trying to accomplish"

I am trying to create more awareness for the fight against breast cancer by having people who would not normally wear pink, wear pink due to the Pink Ribbon Tour.
Move ahead a year and picture a pink fire truck going down the street with pink lights, four firefighters in pink turnouts ready for action. But instead of going to a typical emergency, they will be going to a breast cancer patients home. Once there we will sit down with the person and tell them we are going to take care of their bills. I would like for us to have more than one pink fire truck and have different offices throughout the Country. We would hire retired firefighters to carry out our missions and use the local hospitals and Non Profit Organizations for the list of recipients that qualify for the money. I want the money to touch the individuals personal needs and give them relief from the burden of bills due to the disease.
I plan on raising the money from the sale of our shirts and apparel on our web-site. I have come up with some great designs that I have trademarked and one in particular our "Pink Heals" logo. We can't keep these in stock and we are always looking for more money, so we can replenish our shelves. Please purchase these shirts once we have them online, this will be the way we eventually will make a difference in someones life. Thanks Dave Graybill

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TEAM H.O.P.E. said...

Love the truck. Love the ribbon! Love the idea. Love the slogan. Could you have picked an uglier shoe? I know, it's probably some designer thing that would cost me an arm and a leg.

I've got a great shoe pic I can send you if you were interested in ever changing yours.

Best of luck on your journey, wish I was going!

Team H.O.P.E.