Sunday, June 22, 2008

My story of how this started!

Wally Monsivaiz a Las Cruces fire fighter and good friend, called me one day, he said that his department and City where going pink for the month of October and that the fire fighters had agreed to wear pink shirts. The next morning after a long shower, everything just clicked in my head, all these ideas and thoughts about how I could bring thousands of people together to support a fight against breast cancer.
Since I can remember I loved helping make a difference, I have always enjoyed meeting new people, and most of all I have always enjoyed inspiring others to try new things. I can't always say that things have to personally effect me to get out and make a difference, I just love life. I'm in total control of how I want to live it and I choose to live my life by creating new ways to inspire people to do more for some who need help. That is how we got to this point in my life with a pink fire truck and a stainless steel statue of a ribbon on a pink trailer. I am sure there are things that I have forgotten or things that I could do better, but the story behind this journey is one that will be told for a long time. I can't wait for everybody to see how many signatures of support and Love are already on the pink truck and trailer, it is very emotional.
So the Guardians of the Ribbon are on the Pink Ribbon Tour and they are spreading the "Cares Enough to Wear Pink Campaign" We are spreading awareness for the fight against breast cancer, we are asking the public safety and leaders in the community to wear pink to work on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of October. We want the women in this Country who see a fire fighter or police officer in pink, to please go and get a mammogram. As we sell our merchandise and raise money, we would like our pink truck and statue to go on missions of Love to a breast cancer patients home and bring her hope. These missions will include care packages delivered in pink gear and most of all we want to pay some of her bills due to her fight against this deadly disease.
I am asking that the money raised in each City we go to be directed to a charity of thier choosing that helps women who have been affected by cancer. I am not asking for any money from anybody in the Public Safety, but just to Care Enough to Wear Pink for our Woman and a few men who have this deadly disease.

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