Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our sixth Pink Heals Tour has just gotten started

We have grown so fast and accomplished so much in six years but yet we still need to get a little more help from the media about our program!
We started out on tour yesterday and had a great stop in Sedona and Cottonwood. It was a nice showing of support, especially since my own State lags behind most of the others in support of the program.
We are constantly reminding people that we are not a charity that asks for donations,  we're an organization that has a program that inspires our tax based communities to fund raise for their people starting with all women and her family battling cancer and other health related issues. If your salary comes from your citizens through taxes, then you should be raising money for your citizens and directing all those dollars to either non-profits locally that keep 100% of the money at home, or creating foundations so people can access the funds to help offset costs associated with battling this disease!
There was a time that you needed to pick a charity to support, in order to give you an advantage in fundraising. That time has come and gone and our program is proving that everyday. You use our brand and mission statement without guaranteeing a specific organization the money, you watch and see how many of your local groups come out and celebrate our selfless showing of love and trust and then direct the money accordingly. We are truly a brand by the people for the people, we have to start keeping our fundraising and volunteer dollars close to home. If your State and local communities control the money then immediate care will come to you!
We are looking for leaders throughout the Country that are willing to put the people they serve ahead of themselves, leaders who represent a large part of the public who will inspire them to rally on behalf of our citizens and not large corporations when it comes to our volunteerism. If local businesses want us to shop at their stores then they will donate money locally to the very people that by their goods and services.

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Teresa said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Riverside on October 2nd!