Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why is our movement working? Why do you need this in your community?

As a non-profit we focus on women as a whole by wearing her color, we do not focus on a specific disease like breast cancer or any other specific type of cancer. We show our love and compassion by wearing the color pink, creating a brand that aligns all of us with our women and sharing this brand for free around the Globe! We just ask that any money raised by our calling of support stay locally to help her and her family battle all types of cancer!
 Director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano supports our program, she was one of the first to sign our pink fire trucks!
 We travel the Country collecting signatures and stories from women and her family that have battled cancer, they are who we honor, they are who we fight for!
A simple hug and a commitment to put her first by simply wearing her color can have a healing affect.
Pink Heals!

Each community and their local, State and Federal Government organizations have leaders, they are put there by the people and have to acknowledge that our women should come first in their battle for life! If we ask a Mayor, Governor, Senator or any other leader in a community to support breast cancer, they can reply that they support Diabetes. If we approach one of them and ask them to support our program, which supports all women based on Love and Respect, they have to get on board. Especially when the rally by the people and the money raised to help them, stays in their community! 

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