Thursday, March 31, 2011

How can you get your community to adopt our Cares Enough to Wear Pink..Pink Heals message?

 The City of Fishers IN showing their support for the women of their community and one of their own Leslie Hulse.
Grapevine TX 
Please email and request information about the program. Once given the information all you have to do is take it down to your community leaders and request that they get on board this calling of support! We have found that this program is a true calling of leadership and once your community is given the right information they have to adopt this movement! This is not about money but has everything to do with LOVE, this is not about one specific disease or charity but about SELFLESSNESS. Each community that embraces this movement shows their own women that we stand as a unified front in her battle for life against Cancer. We share our brand and our movement for free, so if there is a fundraiser, 100% of the money stays local to help our women with her battle against all cancer.

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