Monday, July 7, 2008

Meeting friends along our journey is Great!!!!!

While driving down the Mountain our breaks got hot so we had to pull into Pine AZ. While there we met Tracy and Harold who happened to pull into the parking lot to take a look at the Pink fire truck and it so happened they new how to work on Semi trucks. They gave us a little class on the engine and brakes and even told me how to use my gears and brakes while going down the mountains. In a sense they could have saved our lives, we all know what would have happened if the brakes went out on the truck. They even went home and brought back some tools and road reflectors to give us, just in case!! Tracy and Harold are the reason this event is so great and why this Country is awesome and they are the many reasons why this event has been so successful. We even invited them to come along the two month journey to help out, we all know what kind of mechanic I am. lol Thanks Tracy and Harold, keep the food in the refrigerator cold, we will be back to see you guys. Dave and Lisa

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afd744 said...

What about AUSTIN??? Wasn't it worth writing about??????