Saturday, July 19, 2008

Governor of Arizona signs Pink Fire Truck

We have come a long way since September of last year, when I came up with the idea of driving a pink fire truck with a statue behind it across America. The truck and statue are full of signatures from women that either have breast cancer, a breast cancer survivor, lost somebody to breast cancer or a women who just wants to acknowledge her support for what we are doing. We are getting support from Mayor's and Chiefs from all over the Country and the list is growing every day.

July 17 at 10am was one of our biggest days yet, when the Governor of Arizona came walking down the steps at the Capitol to sign our beautiful pink fire truck, yes she too is a breast cancer survivor. Governor Janet Napolitano said some wonderful things about our event and was so gracious to everyone there, that I plan on visiting the Capitol next January while they are in session. We are going to touch so many lives with this truck and statue and her support will not go unnoticed as we make our way to other cities across America. She truly leads by example and not by title, we are lucky to have her.

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