Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The statue of the Ribbon is done and Awesome!!!!

The Statue is way better then I ever imagined it to be and what a sight when going down the road behind my truck. I am having breast cancer survivors sign the trailer and even though we only have three signatures, I am sure that will change once we get this thing started. Maricopa Metals and Johnny Salmeron and Leo Balcazar did a wonderful job building the ribbon and once we are done with the event I am sure somebody is going to pay a lot of money for it to be put in front of their building. I call the statue "Our Ribbon of Hope" and even wrote a message for the statue so we can put it on a plaque.

“Our Ribbon of Hope”

“This ribbon was built in honor of all the people who battle cancer and the families who tirelessly work to make their lives better. A timeless statue to remind our future generations that people who are not affected by an illness can come together for those that are.”

Dave Graybill

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