Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pink Ribbon tour teams up with comedy for cancer

I want everybody to know that there are comedians in Phoenix that have agreed to travel with us throughout the tour, They are willing to perform for the cause. These guys are great!!! and very selfless and they want to make a difference for this event. The reason this is so beneficial to the event is that instead of us standing around in 0ur pink fire gear next to the pink fire truck asking for money, we can now perform for people in each city and not only drive awareness for the fight against breast cancer but also raise money for costs and money to donate at the end of the event. They really rock!!!!!

Jeffrey Maxwell and Jimmy Earll are the two comics, they will be in touch with comics across America while we are on our journey. They will ask other performers in each city to help put on a show for the women and a few men who have breast cancer and whoever else wants to be apart of something very special. Please understand that these guys are going above and beyond what has been asked and they are true heroes for this event.

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